Show your plants some love 💚 

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  • Get help starting

    If you're thinking about buying plants or just bought some that you want to keep alive, we can help you build a plan to help your plants thrive!

  • Get help with issues

    If you're navigating leaf discoloration, limp stems, pests or other issues, we can help you identify the issue and build a plan to get your plant back on track.

  • Get help styling

    Plants can be used as art! We can help you style your plants to to maximize the visual impact of your living art pieces.

Choose how you want to care for your plants

Plant Check-Ups

Book a plant check-up to get 360 degree care for your plant. Your Plant Nurse will evaluate your plants, understand your plant care routine, and take complete care of your plant (including pruning, pest control treatment, repotting, & more). If you're not sure what your plant needs, this is the place to start.

Plant Repotting

Book a plant repotting session to get your plants repotted so they can thrive as they head into the next year. Your Plant Nurse will evaluate which plants are most in need of repotting and repot your plants in fresh soil tailored to that plant.

Plant Styling & Design

Trying to turn your home into a jungle haven? Book a plant styling session to make that dream a reality. Your Plant Nurse will evaluate your space, assess the best plants for locations in your house.