🪴Borrow our green thumb so your plants can thrive!

  • Tired of slowly watching your plants die? 
  • Afraid to bring new plants into your space?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with conflicting advice from the internet, family, & friends? 

🌱Let us guide you on how to start and keep your plants happy & healthy

  • Even if… you don’t have time.
  • Even if… you don’t know where to begin.
  • Even if… you have a plant that seems on the verge of death.
  • Even if... you think your thumb can't possibly turn green.  

🌵What do you get?

Detailed Plant Care Guide for your plants

✅ Plant Pruning & Trimming

✅ Pest Management & Treatment

✅ Leaf Cleaning & Dusting

✅ Watering

✅ Fertilizing

✅ Repotting with customized soil blends (as needed)

  • 1. Assess

    We'll evaluate your plants' current health and condition. Then we'll diagnose and assess which needs for each plant.

  • 2. Game Plan

    We'll create an action plan for each plant which could include: repotting, pruning, location change, pest management, leaf cleaning, and more.

  • 3. Take Care

    Based on the action plan, we'll treat your plants based on their specific needs. We'll leave you with clear instructions on how to continue care for your plants.

  • Meghan

    "My dying calathea is thriving because of her, it was a mother's day gift and it is sooooo happy now.  She is knowledgeable, thorough, and has given me multiple tips on how to better care for my plants." -- Meghan

  • Lauren

    "Her services are perfect for someone who is looking for plant support but wants to avoid lugging their plants around. She is super knowledgeable, professional, and kind and her advice was excellent. She brought everything she needed to assess, repot, and treat my plants and got us back on the right track. My plants have been thriving since I started working with her and I feel much more competent as a plant parent :)"

  • Cordelia

    I reached out to Zinnia to help save this plant my aunt gave me a few years ago. The plant was doing great until all the sudden it became infested with these white mealy bugs.. I tried some things to help save it (neem oil, wiping the leaves etc) but nothing was working. Zinnia was able to rid the infestation in one visit! She applied something to the soil for long term management and took the time to kill/remove each mealy bug currently on the plant.."


  • $150 per hour. We recommend booking at least 2 hours if you have 5 or more plants that need attention. 
  • Weekly plant care maintenance - packages starting at $400 per month
  • Not in the Bay Area? We also offer virtual plant care sessions