What services do you offer?

We offer multiple plant care services including repotting, maintenance, pest control and vacation plant sitting. During plant care maintenance sections,  we will assess what your plant needs and take action to help your plant thrive. For vacation plant sitting, we will water, fertilize (as needed0, and prune your plants while you are away. 

What kind of plants do you care for?

We care for all types of plants, including houseplants, succulents, and cacti.

What is your service area?

For in-person plant care maintenance sessions & plant sitting we service the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a San Francisco based company so locations outside of SF will incur a travel fee. 

  • 0-15 miles - Included in standard fee 
  • 16 - 30  miles  - $50 
  • 31 - 45  miles  - $100
  • 45 - 60 miles  - $150

NOTE: Distance is measured from the San Francisco DMV (a centrally located institution). 

Do you offer virtual plant care session?

Yes, virtual plant check-ups are available to anyone who can hop on a video call (via Zoom, Facetime or Google Meet).

How do I book your services? 

You can book our services online or by calling us at 415-742-2652. If you have questions, please complete the Contact Us form. 

What is included in plant care maintenance sessions? 

Plant care maintenance sessions are an opportunity to breathe new life into your plants. In these visits we'll assess what you plant needs and take action to address as many problems as possible during the hour long session.

In-person plant check-ups allow our team to go more in-depth. Based on the condition of your plant, your Plant Nurse will develop a treatment plant and take any initial first steps to get your plants on a good first track. One free repot is included. If repotting is needed for more than 1 plant, you can book a repotting session. 

Most plants benefit from being repotted annually. Once a year has gone by, the nutrients in the soil have been exhausted, roots have grown significantly, and hopefully your plant has grown as well.

A fresh repotting will help your plant continue to grow and thrive. During a plant repotting your Plant Nurse will extract your plant from its pot, loosen the soil, snip the roots, and repot your plant with a fresh soil specially mixed for your plant. 

Plants can be repotted in their same plant, a slightly larger plant, or a spare pot you have. We also sell ceramic and terracotta pots. 

What is included in a plant sitting session?

Each plant sitting session is 45-minutes. During that session your Plant Nurse will water your plants (as needed), prune any dead leaves, and repot up to 1 plant. 

How much do you charge for plant repotting? 

We charge $150 per hour.  Any additional time will be billed at $150/hr in increments of half an hour rounded up. If you have more than 5 plants that need repotting, we recommend booking at least 2 hours of plant repotting. In a 2 hour time period, we should be able to plant 5 - 8 plants depending on their size, weight, height, & difficulty level (e.g. rootbound plants, plants in large planters, and tall plants take us longer than small plants. Plants placed in pots 16" or greater will incur an additional surcharge.  

If you know that your plant needs repotting, book a plant care maintenance session. We provide all of the soil and tools required for the repotting, as well as plastic nursery pots, as needed. If you have a new pot with drainage to repot into, we can utilize that. Otherwise we will provide an appropriately sized nursery pot which you can place into any decorative planter.

Where do you repot plants?

We repot directly in your home or office. Ahead of your plant care visit, please identify a space for us to work in. We'll work with the space that you have and leave it in tip top shape.

Can I combine services? 

Yes, definitely!

Going on vacation and want to come back home to refreshed plants? Combine a plant sitting visit with a plant repotting session. 

Want ongoing support for your plants? Book an in-person visit to kickstart your journey and then a set of virtual check-ups. 

Do you sell giftcards?

Yes we do. Buy one for some your love here.