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Bay Area Plant Nurse

Plant Nerd Trivia Game

Plant Nerd Trivia Game

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Shake up your next night with these 200 multiple-choice, true & false, and photo recognition questions that cover history & lore, entertainment, plant care knowledge, and food & drink. 

Gin must include what key botanical? Pharrell Williams has a clothing line of sustainable line of denim made of what ingredient? Plants are everywhere: in our food, homes, cities, and many more places. Test and expand your knowledge of plants with 200 trivia questions spanning four categories. Play in teams for points or set out the cards to help friends break the ice. An enclosed booklet offers instructions for different ways to play trivia.  Whether you're hosting a proper trivia night and playing competitively or setting the cards out as conversation starters, Plant Nerd is the ultimate ice-breaker.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 200 multiple-choice, true and false, and photo question cards
  • Booklet with rules for trivia game variations
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